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If you are interested in becoming a Smart Business Credit Vendor please choose one of the following options:

          1. Fill out our Online Vendor Information Form
          2. Download a PDF Information Form and fax it to 610-594-0901
          3. Contact us directly

Feedback from our dealers has driven us to formulate a program that offers you the ability to take advantage of already established functions within our organization. This synergistic approach is designed to increase your efficiencies, sales and profitability.

We also utilize these methods to make it easier for you to do business with us and more importantly, easier for your clients to do business with you.

Turn Key Marketing Campaigns
•   Plan Design
•   Design & Printing of Mailing Pieces
•   Script Design
•   Implementation
•   Tracking
•   Evaluation

Database Marketing
•   Provides leads that are derived from targeting active and inactive clients
•   Supplies you with a list and works with you on the contact method

Wrap Lease Program
•   Targets your clients with a good 12 month lease/loan history
•   Provides the ability to upgrade or add new equipment to their current lease

Special Programs
•   60 or 90 Day Deferral
•   Seasonal or Annual Payment
•   Buyout Plan
•   Discount Payment Program
•   Private Label Programs
•   Online Documents

Bonus Program
•   Receive quarterly bonus checks proportional to your volume for that quarter

Rewards Program
•   Incentive Awards for Increased Sales Volume - CLICK HERE!

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